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Playing a musical instrument can be a great source of joy and satisfaction. There is nothing more rewarding than playing your favorite artist’s song on your saxophone or performing on stage in front of your friends and family. Beyond being fun, learning music has many other benefits: it helps foster creativity, teaches patience and discipline, relieves stress, improves our memory and our cognitive function, and gives us a sense of achievement. Making music allows us to express ourselves and communicate with others on a new level, and it can even make us smarter.


Above all, rather than just the technical aspect of playing an instrument, I attempt to introduce my students to the emotions and colors in music. Ever since my high school years, I have worked closely with children and teens as a counselor and informal educator. I have also spent most of the last eight years teaching music in many different places, during which I quickly realized that this field is not only a job for me, but also a way of learning and self-development. I love what I’m doing and I feel lucky to be able to pass on my knowledge and passion for art.

     In my lessons, I focus on acquiring a healthy and efficient playing technique, developing a beautiful tone and experimenting with many styles of music. No two of us are exactly alike, and I tailor the lessons specifically to the student according to his/her goals, strengths, and musical taste.


I teach the following subjects:

  • Saxophone

  • Flute

  • Clarinet

  • Music theory- basic and advanced

  • Jazz theory and improvisation



            IFSI Music Program (Boston, MA)- Woodwind band instructor, saxophone teacher,                          flute teacher, clarinet teacher.

            Kiryat Ono Conservatory- Saxophone teacher, saxophone ensemble instructor

            Ramat Hasharon Conservatory- Saxophone teacher, flute teacher

            Steinberg Music School- Saxophone teacher, clarinet teacher, assistant conductor of                   woodwind orchestra

            Tel Yehuda summer camp (NY)- Music specialist, rock bands instructor


     With beginning students, I start with the fundamentals of music and instrumental skills. We go through the steps of tone producing, finger technique, proper posture, breathing (yes, we need to learn how to breathe!) and we play songs. We also learn how to read music and get familiar with some important musical terms and theory. For more advanced students, I focus on playing some more challenging music from different genres, building a repertoire of songs and pieces, advanced music theory, and experimenting with improvisation. I like the challenge of keeping the young musician motivated, and I always encourage my students to bring songs that they like so we can learn how to play them together.


There is no age limit for learning music. I teach all ages, beginners to advanced, and I offer a complimentary trial lesson, no commitment, at your home or at my studio.​                    

Contact me today to start your new musical journey!

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